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Hot Pink Coffin Nails

Our press on nails are 24pc/s hot pink with a metallic sheen. They will make your looks look better than ever before!

Hot Pink And Black Coffin Nails

If you're looking for a professional look for your hot pink and black coffin nails, then look no further! These nails are created with the customer in mind, and are perfect for any occasion.

Hot Pink Nails Coffin

This item is a 24 pcs matte hot pink press on nails set with an coffin. The set contains a duvet, mirror, nail stirrups, and a coffin wkit. are you looking for a nails set that can give you the perfectpress on gel nails look? look no further than the hot pink coffin acrylic nails! These nails are designed with a long, fat finger and a coordinating hot pink coffin acrylic nail in order to give you an all-natural look that is not only press on but also gel-based. This set comes in a med size set, meaning that it is perfect for anyone who wants a press on look without having to worry about how to put on the nails. this set comes with 20 nails in different colors. Every nail is a different color and has a different meaning in the world of coffin nails. The nails are hot pink and make a great addition to any funeral home or funeral service. these coffin nails are a must-have for any collection that wishes to feature nails in hot pink or light purple. With a vibrant and glitter-ous design, these nails are perfect for any color·ed room. The 28 nails are also glittery and translucent, making them perfect for any hair color.